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English as a Second Language Endorsement

Throughout the 12-month, fully online program, students will complete five courses (15 credits) and 45 + field hours*. Classes begin five times throughout the year and students can choose to start courses in August, January, December, March, or June of each year.

Please, note: Midland does allow students to transfer previous graduate-level ESL coursework into this program. Connect with an advisor to discuss any previous coursework completed to see if it may transfer.

Program of Study – 15 credits

Course NumberCourse NameCredit HoursField Hours*
ESL 500Introduction to ESL3
ESL 550Cross Cultural Communication3
ESL 601Methods/Assessments/Evaluation of ESL3
ESL 655Linguistics3
ESL 698ESL Practicum & Study345(+)
EDU 695Capstone3
* Field hours can be completed within the student’s current building or district providing there is an ELL student population.

Course Descriptions

ESL 500: Introduction to ESL (3 credits)

This course examines theories of language acquisition, history, and legal implications of ESL in the United States. Students will become familiar with local and national standards of ESL. This course provides a general overview of strategies and techniques effective for teaching English Language Learners.

ESL 550: Cross-Cultural Communications (3 credits)

This course examines the implications of serving diverse cultures present in an ESL setting, including cultures of race/ethnicity, religion, and poverty. Students will identify the characteristics of different cultures and effective strategies to use when working with students and families of diverse populations. Students will examine their own cultural biases and biases of others in educational settings. Students will interact with students and/or adults who are not native English speaking.

ESL 601: Methods-Assessment and Evaluation of ESL Learners (3 credits)

This course provides in-depth experiences in the methods, assessment, and evaluation of ESL students. Methods of instruction will include a variety of models, techniques, and strategies that are effective with ESL students. Practice with models of sheltered instruction will prepare Teacher candidates in the areas of planning, instruction, review, and assessment to work in classrooms with English language learners. This course includes a field-based experience of 15 hours.

ESL 655: Linguistics for ESL (3 credits)

Students will know, understand, and use the major theories and research related to the structure and acquisition of language to help English Language Learners (ELLs) develop language, literacy, and achieve in the content areas. Students will also use evidence-based practices and strategies related to planning, implementing, and managing standards-based ESL and content instruction.

ESL 698: ESL Practicum (3 credits)

This course provides candidates an opportunity to complete a practicum of 45+ hours in an ESL setting. Candidates will select from a variety of assignments related to their practicum experience. The grade levels for the practicum must correspond with field or subject endorsement the candidate currently holds. If a candidate is seeking a PK-12 endorsement, the practicum must be completed at the level not on the current endorsement.

EDU 695: Capstone (3 credits)

This course represents the culmination of your master’s degree. In this course you will complete a substantial research synthesis project. In the project you will synthesize the knowledge, skills and attitudes developed throughout your identified program of study. The project will demonstrate competence in conducting an extensive research review, writing professionally and applying theory to future practice.

*ESL students will only complete this course if they are earning a Master’s degree with an ESL Endorsement.

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