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Graduate Level Certificates

Dunklau School of Business

Earning a certificate of completion in a specific field can help you reach your career goals and highest potential. While completing a certificate of completion isn’t required, it can help you advance in your career and reach your salary goals by proving competency and specific skills in a given area.

Students can pursue a certificate of completion as part of the MBA at Midland University. By taking four courses in a concentrated area of interest, students can earn their MBA with a certificate of completion in the specific areas of study.  Earning a certificate of completion is not required for the fulfillment of the MBA requirements.

Courses required to fulfill the certificate requirements will be offered providing sufficient student interest. 

By completing four courses (12 credit hours) in a specific area of study will earn you a certificate of completion in the desired field. Midland University offers a variety of certificates to choose from.

To complete the certificate, you will take hybrid classes* with other MBA students that are taught by MBA faculty. These faculty members are business professionals in the real world and teach from personal experience. By joining this robust network, you’ll start solving real-world challenges facing your organization. 

*Some certificates require you to complete courses online through Acadeum. 

Types of Certificates

Project Management Certification (12 Credits)

Project management is at the core of all work organizations that seek to accomplish simple to highly complex tasks. The demand for this type of skill continues to increase across industries every day.

The Project Management Certificate program provides exposure and experience with some of the most popular concepts, texts, and methodologies, including PMI, PMBOK, Six Sigma, Lean, Agile, Scrum, Innovation, and several more to help you become a professional in Project Management.

Earn Your PMI Designation

Project Management Institute is the world’s largest project-related industry group with a membership count close to 3 million. This program aligns with PMI-developed methodology and can help you earn your CAPM, PMP, or ACP

Become Yellow Belt Certified

Over 80 percent of Fortune 100 companies employ some form of a Six Sigma based program, utilizing this data drive approach to reduce defects in business processes. By completing this program, you will earn a Yellow Belt designation in Six Sigma.

To complete the Project Management Certification, students will take the following four courses:

  • Project Management
  • Business Process Methodologies
  • Corporate Strategy
  • Project Management Prep Course (guided exam prep course, to help you pass the PMP/CAPM test)
Entrepreneurial Leadership Certificate of Completion (12 Credits)

Entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs alike will be interested in the Entrepreneurial Leadership certificate of completion. Finding innovative solutions to real needs is at the heart of entrepreneurship. Students will gain the skills necessary to start up a business from the ground up, or infuse their existing company with a new direction.

To complete the Entrepreneurial Leadership certificate of completion, students must take the following four courses:

  • Strategic Sales
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Integrated Marketing
  • Finance
Marketing Management Certificate of Completion (12 Credits)

The Marketing Management certificate of completion is designed to equip students with the skills needed to research and identify trends in the market in order to develop successful strategies for product and service growth.

The courses focus on understanding the voice of the customer in order to develop, communicate, and apply critical pricing, communication, design, and distribution tactics.

A marketing certificate of completion can be valuable to a wide range of professionals. Key topics include: competitive advantage, segmentation, relationship development, and competitive positioning.

To complete the Marketing Certificate, students must take the following four courses:

  • Marketing
  • Integrated Marketing
  • Strategic Communication
  • Strategic Sales
Finance Certificate of Completion (12 Credits)

Making sound financial decisions and adding value to the organization are key skills for managers. The Finance certificate of completion at Midland is designed to equip students with an increased practicality when making financial decisions on behalf of the business, with special attention on value creation and capital investments. Building on a solid foundation of concentration will benefit individuals who want to hone their financial decision making skills.

To complete the Finance certificate of completion, students must take the following four courses:

  • Cost Management
  • Investment Management
  • Financial Management
  • Finance
Accounting Certificate of Completion (12 Credits)

Our Accounting certificate of completion is especially useful to those who want to better understand cost management, budgeting, and practical finance without becoming a CPA. This certificate of completion will give students greater confidence in understanding and making decisions about financial matters in their organization.

To complete the Finance certificate of completion, students must take the following four courses:

  • Cost Management
  • Investment Management
  • Intermediate Accounting
  • Financial Management
Business Intelligence & Data Analysis Certificate of Completion (12 Credits)

The ability to understand and analyze “big data” is a growing need for organizations. Knowing how to take a large quantity of information and distill it down to identify trends and associations between data points will help companies make better decisions and strengthen strategies. Our certificate of completion in Business Intelligence & Data Analysis equips students with the tools and concepts to comprehend, interpret, and use data to make informed decisions across the organization – new products, cost, production, and markets.

To complete the Business Intelligence & Data Analysis certificate of completion, students must take the following four courses:

  • Operations Management
  • Statistics for Managers
  • Technology for Managers
  • Data Mining
Healthcare Management (12 Credits)

Healthcare Management is a specialized field that combines an understanding of, and interest in, healthcare with solid business acumen. Employment of medical and health services managers are projected to grow 32 percent (from 2019 to 2029) faster than the average of all occupations.

The Midland graduate certificate of completion in Healthcare Management prepares students to master leadership skills and capabilities required to succeed as a healthcare manager and lead using best practices in management, data analysis, and healthcare governance.

Healthcare Management courses are offered in partnership with Nebraska Methodist College, one of the nation’s top accredited allied health colleges.

To complete the Healthcare Management certificate of completion, students must take the following two courses:

  • Business Law & Ethics in Healthcare
  • Management & Leadership Course

Plus, two courses from the list below:

  • Healthcare Policy
  • Organizational Outcomes & Sustainability
  • Business Intelligence & Applied Healthcare Analytics
  • Health Systems Informatics and Leadership
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