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Learning Environment

Graduate Level Certificates

Designed with busy working professionals in mind, our hybrid and 100% online coursework not only allows students to hone their skills in a specific area of interest but also offers them the chance to pick how much flexibility they need to complete the program.

Real-World Faculty

Students working on completing their desired certificate of completion will participate in courses with our MBA students. All of the students will Whether you choose our hybrid or 100% online model, you will work with our real-world MBA faculty to complete your desired certificate of completion. Students will gain exposure to some of the most popular concepts, texts, and methodologies, including PMI, PMBOK, Six Sigma, Lean, Agile, Scrum, Innovation, and several more to help them become professionals in their desired field.

Flexible Schedule

With our hybrid or 100% online schedule model, students have the opportunity to choose the best program model for their schedule. Our hybrid model allows students to network with their peers during in-person weekends while still enjoying the flexibility of the online components. In-person classes meet every other weekend at Midland University’s Omaha location.

Our 100% online model allows students to login to Canvas at anytime from anywhere to complete coursework and to participate in other activities as assigned by our expert online faculty.

Professional Network

Midland University’s business certificates of completion utilize the hybrid and 100% online model to create an environment of learning that is tailored to the student. Our hybrid model blends in-person learning with asynchronous online learning during the online weeks. Seeing classmates and faculty in-person every other weekend helps students build strong professional networks and life-long connections as they move towards the completion of their certificate.

Our 100% online model, allows students and faculty to interact digitally from anywhere in the world bringing a variety of diverse experience to the table.

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