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High Ability Learner Endorsement

Throughout the 12-month, fully online program, students will complete five courses (18 credits) and 90 + practicum hours*. Classes begin five times throughout the year and students can choose to start courses in August, January, December, March, or June of each year. 

Program of Study -18 credit hours

Course NumberCourse NameCredit Hours
HAL 500Introduction to Educating High Ability Learners4
HAL 510Psychology of Giftedness4
HAL 520Programming for the High Ability Learners3
HAL 530Administration and Supervision of High Ability Learner Programs3
HAL 599Internship/Study Seminar4*
EDU 695*Capstone3
* HAL students will only complete this course if they are earning a Master’s degree with a HAL Endorsement. 90 hours of internship/practicum experiences may be completed with your district and will include both elementary and high school endorsements.

Course Descriptions

HAL 500: Introduction to Educating High Ability Students (4 credits)

The purpose of this course is to provide a comprehensive introduction to gifted education and talent development, aligned with national standards for knowledge and skills in the field essential for successful teaching, counseling, or coordinating gifted/talented programs. The course takes advantage of a variety of sources of information and asks participants to apply new understandings and skills in practical ways. Assignments are differentiated for different roles in schools today.

HAL 510: Psychology of Giftedness (4 credits)

This course will explore theories of learning, child development, and motivation. Issues unique to the field of giftedness, such as underachievement, cognitive and affective needs, creativity, gender, and cultural issues will be examined. There is a minimum of 20 hours of practicum required in this course.

HAL 520: Programming for the High Ability Learner (3 credits)

This course will explore different programming models for high ability learners. A major focus of this course will explore curriculum concepts for the high ability learner as well as differentiation, acceleration, and advanced placement. Effective practices and research will be emphasized.

HAL 530: Administration and Supervision of High Ability Learner Programs (3 credits)

This course will investigate policy regarding high ability learner education programs. Students will be able to administer a comprehensive high ability program, including evaluation and professional development.

HAL 599: HAL Practicum/Seminar (4 credits)

This course provides candidates with a clinical experience of 70 hours in Gifted and Talented settings at both the elementary and secondary levels. Students will demonstrate, reflect, and evaluate their proficiency in many of the program outcomes. Students will provide consultation services to colleagues, parents, and other stakeholders. Students will also be involved in a book study to strengthen their understanding of high ability learners.

EDU 695*: Capstone (3 credits)

This course represents the culmination of your master’s degree. In this course you will complete a substantial research synthesis project. In the project you will synthesize the knowledge, skills and attitudes developed throughout your identified program of study. The project will demonstrate competence in conducting an extensive research review, writing professionally and applying theory to future practice.

*HAL students will only complete this course if they are earning a Master’s degree with a HAL Endorsement.

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