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Master of Business Administration

Your experience means something to us, and we want to reward you for what makes you a valued leader, community member, and professional. Whether you’re a young professional at the beginning of your career or a seasoned veteran looking to advance to the C-Suite, our merit-based scholarships provide support to help you advance in your career.

Thanks to generous donor support of Midland University and the MBA program, we are able to award financial support to 100% of admitted MBA students.

Types of Scholarships

Merit-Based Scholarships & Aid

Midland’s MBA scholarships are automatically considered at the time of a completed application, and the details of your award will be included in your letter of acceptance. To position yourself as competitively as possible for scholarships, early applications are encouraged.

Presidential Scholar

Each year, Midland names a small number of individuals in the incoming class as Presidential Scholars based. These Scholars are selected based on their outstanding academic record or their extensive professional experience and on their ability to fulfill Midland’s mission to “inspire people to learn and lead in the world with purpose.”

Midland Scholar

Midland alumni form the core of the broader Midland community. In recognition of this support, the MBA program also names a small number of Midland Scholars in each incoming class. These Scholars are selected based on their ability to represent the Midland identity in diverse ways, and this scholarship is only open to Midland University or Midland Lutheran College alumni.

Executive Leadership

The contributions of experienced leaders define both the classroom experience and professional network of Midland University students, and the diversity of experiences shared can enrich every discussion. Students awarded this scholarship have been in the workforce for at least ten years and demonstrate a dedication to professional leadership and mentorship.

Military and Veterans Support

In recognition of our military’s service, this scholarship is awarded to students who have served, or are currently serving, in the US Armed Forces. Students should demonstrate leadership both within and outside of the military and a commitment to connecting the state’s interests with the broader business community.

Midland University participates in the Yellow Ribbon Program and supports veterans’ education benefits.

Minority or Underrepresented Student Development

The diversity of the business community continues to grow, and its expansion relies on the inclusion of individuals with diverse academic, personal, and professional backgrounds. Students awarded this scholarship come from a non-traditional business background or an underrepresented or minority group within the broader business community and are committed to broadening the definition of business.

Non-Profit Leadership

Individuals who have dedicated their time and energy to a non-profit organization often have a unique insight into that business community’s needs. Students awarded this scholarship have demonstrated their connection to the development of their community through employment at a non-profit organization and have committed to serving that sector.

Women’s Leadership

While significant progress has been made, women remain underrepresented in business leadership and helping women reach these leadership levels benefits both organizations and the broader society. Students awarded this scholarship are developing their own leadership skills and starting this change in their professional community.

Young Professional Development

Young professionals have the opportunity to define the future of the workplace. Building well-rounded business skill sets earlier in their careers will help these individuals positively influence their company’s growth sooner and translate to longer-term growth opportunities. Students awarded this scholarship have been in the workforce less than ten years and have focused on creating positive change in their organization early in their careers.

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