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Professional Coaching

Master of Business Administration

In partnership with the Nebraska chapter of the International Coaching Federation of Nebraska, Midland University MBA provides four free professional coaching sessions for each student to aid them in the achievement of their career and personal goals.

While specific objectives and areas of focus will depend on the individual student, an initial emphasis of coaching sessions will be focused on topics addressed during the Midland MBA onboarding: teamwork, Emergenetics profile, emotional intelligence, communication, and conflict management. 

Getting Started

Students interested in this benefit will complete a registration form in Canvas and will be paired with a coach based on their needs. The student and coach will meet for a brief introductory session to ensure compatibility and to discuss scheduling and priorities. If the student and/or coach determine that there is not a good fit, the student may be reassigned to a more suitable coach. 

  • Coaching sessions can be set up virtually or in person. The coach and student will determine the preferred format during the introductory session
  • The coach and student will sign a coaching agreement and are committed to confidentiality and privacy, following the highest global coaching standards
  • Students may complete the four included sessions at any pace throughout their program length
  • After each coaching session, students are asked to complete a brief questionnaire to provide feedback on the coaching process and their overall experience with their coach
  • Once all four included sessions are completed, students may choose to continue with their coach for additional sessions at their own expense. Coaches may choose to provide special pricing for students, which will be negotiated between the student and the coach
  • Professional Coaching is a benefit for students actively participating in the Midland MBA program. If a student leaves the program before taking advantage of the four free sessions offered, the student forfeits those sessions. If the student wants to continue working with the coach, they will need to do so at their own expense. 
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