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Master of Business Administration

Our MBA alumni offer students a unique opportunity to see examples of what success can look like after graduation. With a variety of diverse backgrounds and professional experience, we proudly share our alumni stories.

Featured Alumni Stories

Meet Midland MBA alumna Brianne Mathew, class of 2016, who talks about how an MBA has helped her grow her network and reach the next level in her career. 

Our Alumni

If you would like to read more about our MBA alumni, please read their student profiles! Inside each profile, current students can learn more specifically about where our alumni come from, their experience before the program, and where they are now! 

“A key take-a-way for me was learning the difference between working as a ‘group vs. a team.’ A group tends to conquer and divide where a team is mutually committed to a common goal. It has been beneficial in my workplace to take this approach back to get better results as a team.”

Tennille H.
Senior Associate of Compliance ManagementFirst National Bank of Omaha
Class of 2020

“I wanted to make sure that I had enough time to spend with my son as well… So, having to attend class once a month was perfect.”

Sonia R.
Accountant at PayPal
Class of 2019

“I chose Midland’s MBA because I knew that I wanted an in class experience. It was appealing to have a program you got to have the flexibility to watch and do the activities on your own time with some structure.”

Brande R.
Program Manager at Physicians Mutual
Class of 2019

“It’s such a broad range of people at different levels in their career and levels of job experience. It has brought so much more than I thought I could get out of the program.”

Tracy M.
Sr. IT Manager at Gavilon Group, LLC
Class of 2019

“I joined Midland’s MBA because I wanted to expand my business regionally… As an entrepreneur you don’t spend a lot of time fine-tuning your marketing because you’re so busy building your business. But the class that I had actually gave me the experience to dive into my marketing strategies.”

Keith S.
Owner, Slider Funeral Homes
Class of 2019
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