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Master of Education

We understand that the decision to earn a graduate-level degree and master level endorsements represents a serious investment of time and money. The programs offered provide invaluable experience for practicing educators, and it is an investment that will provide significant returns to the rest of your teaching career. 

That said, there are plenty of ways to fund your higher education!

Funding Opportunities

Not sure if you can afford to get your MEd or endorsement right now? Then, see what Midland University has to offer! You may qualify for one of our educational scholarships, sponsorships, or grants!

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Tuition & Fees

When it comes to our MEd endorsement programs, it’s essential to know the cost of tuition and other materials you may need to be effective in the course.

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Federal Aid

Although the FAFSA requires input from your tax returns, it is dependent on income. In fact, many of our applicants have been eligible to borrow up to the program’s full cost.

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