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Areas of Emphasis

Master of Education in Leadership, Teaching, and Learning

To complete an area of emphasis with a Master of Education in Leadership, Teaching, and Learning, students must first complete core courses and then choose their area of emphasis that has emerged in response to areas identified as high need in the state or districts requiring more preparation.

Why is it Important?

An area of emphasis is essential in the education world because it allows practicing teachers to focus their attention on a specific teaching area. By focusing that attention, teachers with an endorsement or National Board Certification have the opportunity and the newfound skills to improve their students’ achievement. 

An area of emphasis is also important if teachers are looking to move up on the pay scale or take on new roles inside their school or school district. 

Choose Your Area of Emphasis

Round out your master’s degree and add a graduate-level endorsement or certification to your MEd!

Classroom & Behavior Management Certificate

Our 100% online Classroom & Behavior Management Certificate prepares teachers to handle disruptive behaviors by learning how to effectively use behavior management techniques.

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English as a Second Language Endorsement

Our 100% online English as a Second Language (ESL) endorsement helps teachers learn strategies for teaching English language learners (ELLs) more effectively in their classroom.

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High Ability Learner Endorsement

As a 100% online program, our High Ability Learner endorsement provides teachers the skills and confidence to teach across all ability levels.

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Principal Endorsement

Our 100% online program equips teachers for advanced leadership roles with field-based hours and an action research capstone.

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National Board Certification Preparation

Our National Board Certification Preparation in-person program helps prepare teachers to become highly effective classroom teachers and complete the highest professional certification a teacher can earn.

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