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Master of Science: Learning & Talent Development

With a high demand for managers and specialists in training and development, our program allows students to gain relevant skills to lead across a wide range of careers that involve training adults. applied learning, faculty expertise, and our hybrid program model. 

Applied Learning

The faculty in the LTD program lead students through applying evidenced based learning strategies to real world examples. In classes students will collaborate with peers and faculty to professional practice through the development of leadership skills and hands-on experiences.  

In the capstone experience, students will use the skills and knowledge developed throughout the program to complete an action project. Students will work with an identified organization or current employer to assess learning needs then plan, administer and assess a learning program. Students will present a summary and evaluation of the project to internal and external audiences.  

Most organizations have a need for continuous training and development of employees ranging from leadership development to learning new processes or technologies.  The skills developed in the LTD program provide a foundation for using best practices to meet the learning needs of any organization. Whether you are responsible for onboarding all employees in your company, developing the training modules for using new technology, or hold a leadership role that includes supporting the development of other employees, the LTD program will give you the skills you need to develop and deliver programs to improve performance using a variety of instructional techniques.  

Expert faculty

The faculty in the Learning and Talent Development program are experts in their field with a proven track record of leadership. They bring real world experiences and examples to the classroom and help students apply skills using authentic projects that can be applied within your current organization.  

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Balance professional learning with your life commitments at Midland University.

The fully online format of this program allows our students to have the flexibility they need to earn their Master’s of Science online while they go about their everyday lives. 

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