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Career Readiness

Code Academy

Having the technical skills for the job is important, but so is being ready for the career opportunity when it arrives. The Midland Code Academy will help you gain the skills for success through career panels, mock interviews, building your portfolio, and becoming immersed in the Omaha tech community.

We’re excited to see our recent graduates at places such as Aviture, Fusion Medical Staffing, and Wave Interactive in jobs such as front end developers and software engineers.

Joining the Tech Community

The Heart of the Silicon Prairie

Omaha has a vibrant community of tech talent and is home to many meetups where you can network and learn together. Below are some of the opportunities you’ll have through the program to get involved and build your network.

Career Panels

Learning from developers in the field, both new to the field and with years of experience, will give you insight into the types of roles and companies you want to join. You’ll hear from Midland alumni, other junior developers, and senior developers, on what it means to launch a career in web development at different companies.

These have moved entirely virtual.

On-site Visits

We want to give you insight into the kinds of work environments that exist in Omaha so you can make an informed decision about what type of job you pursue. As a group, we’ll go together to visit companies and get you in front of hiring managers.

These have moved entirely virtual.

Technical Presentations

Every coder works in a team. Sometimes your teammates are other programmers, but often they are non-technical folks, like designers, marketers, or clients. To prepare, each student will research a technical topic and design a presentation to more effectively communicate with non-technical stakeholders.

Group Meetups

It can be intimidating to be the new face in the room, especially when you’re surrounded by experienced professionals. As a cohort, we’ll attend events and meetups together to help you build meaningful relationships.

These have been paused in the current climate.

Building Marketable Skills

Meet Industry Expectations

You’ll likely be entering a new field, with new sets of expectations in the job market. In partnership with TEKsystems, you’ll start working on these skills in the first few weeks to get your foot in the right door to achieve your goals and help you get to the next level.


In order to get in the door, your resume needs to tell a story. We know that hiring managers are looking for certain buzzwords and skills, and we’ll help you put those front and center, giving you the best opportunity for an interview.

Professional Interviews

Like any skills, you have to practice to improve. Interviewing is no different; you’ll experience multiple mock interviews to build your confidence and improve your communication skills. We’ll focus on soft skills: how to introduce yourself, converse professionally, talk about your experience, and more.

Technical Interviews

We’ll dive deep into talking about code, what areas you should focus on, how to talk about what you do well and what you need to improve on, and how to work through the logic word problems that you may be asked.

Industry Jobs

At the end of your program, there are a variety of positions that you may want to pursue. Below are some examples of where our students could go, each with their own unique skill set.

  • Junior Web Developer, using the skill set you’ve obtained at the Code Academy
  • Web Designer, if you have artistic skills to go with your website building chops
  • Mobile App Developer, if you enjoy crafting great user experiences on small screens
  • QA Engineer, if you enjoy breaking things and then making sure they don’t break again
  • Technical Writer, if you enjoy writing prose and walkthroughs
  • DevOps Engineer, if you really enjoy working on the server side
  • Database Admin, if you enjoy structuring data and ensuring data integrity
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