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Core and Professional Skills Development

Our main focus is on web technologies since the web is the most extensive and ubiquitous platform. Alongside these core skills, you’ll also learn the Agile method of project planning and how to market yourself and your skills.

Technical Skills

We teach the basics of web site development with HTML, CSS and JavaScript. As we dive deeper into JavaScript, we lean on the REACT framework that gives you a better roadmap for designing larger applications.

  • Learn the Basics of Web Technology: HTML, CSS and JavaScript make up the fundamentals of web technology. Every site, from YouTube to Facebook, uses those languages to create their structure, apply styles and layouts, and add interactivity to their sites. You’ll build a strong understanding of those building blocks to make future learning easier to extend.
  • Talk to the Server: To get familiar with servers, you’ll learn the building of API in Node, which is JavaScript running on a server. The Express framework will provide extra structure for the Node applications. You’ll also be exposed to a number of other server side languages, and learn their flagship frameworks to make web applications a breeze.
  • Interact with a Database: Most sites and applications today are data driven, using databases to structure, store and retrieve data. A firm understanding of what servers do, how they work, and how we can use them to deploy and host code is essential for a web developer to understand.

Professional Skills

The technical skills are only half the battle. Besides the languages, you’ll work on your personal and professional skills to develop your ability to work as a developer, including the Agile methodology of project planning.

As a developer, you need to be able to make a decision, explain your reasoning to both technical and non-technical stakeholders, and defend it. Teaching you to distill technical materials into a form that non-technical stakeholders can understand will prove to be an invaluable skill that will aid you in the job hunting process and in every job you will hold.

We’ll also teach you how to market yourself and your skills. This includes how to curate an online portfolio of coding projects that demonstrate your ability, how to get connected with other tech communities, how to network in a larger group setting, how to identify and talk about your strengths and weaknesses as a developer, and speak to what technical role you would play in a team.

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The Midland University Code Academy is a non-credit bearing, non-degree seeking program.

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