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With a variety of diverse backgrounds and professional experience, we proudly share our alumni stories and experiences in the program.

Featured Alumni Story

Meet Justin Blobaum, who made a change after nine years in the restaurant business, to better support his family and become a junior developer.

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Why Midland?

“I always had an interest in computers and what makes them do what they do. Everything fell in place for me to get here. This has been a way to change my life in a relatively short amount of time.”

Justin B.
Junior Developer at HobbyTown, Inc
Code Academy 2020

“I looked at several other programs in town – this was by far the most challenging and expected the most out of students. Coming into the program, my goal was to have a job by the time I completed the program… on week 8 of 12, I accepted a job offer.”

Amy S.
Software Developer at Fusion Medical Staffing
Code Academy 2019

“I wanted to do more than just put in data. I wanted to be able to create a framework for it, design it, and have more say in how it looks and operates. I like being involved in all aspects and that’s been a driving force for me.”

Jackie M.
Code Academy 2020

“I knew I wanted to make a change to become a developer, but I didn’t know how to go about it. Midland’s Code Academy allowed me to begin my new career as quickly as possible and gave me the skills I needed to be hired as a developer.”

Kile D.
Software Developer at Fusion Medical Staffing
Code Academy 2020

“I got a job as a developer! This was totally worth the investment because of the time savings, and comparing the time it would have taken me to teach myself the more complex concepts versus having a knowledgeable instructor to teach it to me was a huge factor in my decision to join.”

Michelle V.
Software Engineer at Aviture
Code Academy 2019 

“We live in an informational society and coding is the most effective way of getting messages out and utilizing my creativity… I was ready to leapfrog and make some changes. I wanted to get more financial stability underneath me.”

Shelly W.
Code Academy 2020

“I most enjoyed the immersive experience of the Midland Code Academy and the fact that I was learning applicable skills that I’ve already put to use in contract work.”

Ian G. 
Software Engineer at Client Resources, Inc. 
Code Academy 2019
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