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Center for Graduate and Professional Studies

The Center for Graduate and Professional Studies invites its partners to utilize all of the benefits of their partnership with Midland University. During our Lunch and Learns, partners will have the opportunity to discuss topics related to their field and will be provided a free lunch on the day of the event. 

Types of Lunch and Learns

Below is a list of the most recent Lunch and Learns we’ve held over the last year. 

Agile Scrum Master

Overview the basic concepts of Agile and explore how mechanics of the most popular Agile framework (Scrum) allow teams to implement these concepts to improve product delivery.

Career Management

Participants are guided through an exercise to help them recognize their career milestones, strengths, and intended path. Develop a career pathway and identify the individual and steps required to move them towards their goal(s).

Effective Communication

Focused on two main concepts; Critical Conversations and Effective Business Writing. Participants will learn techniques to help handle challenging conversations with peers, managers, and subordinates. The workshop will also focus on professional written communication skills.


Focuses on two main concepts: Motivation and Inspiring a Shared Vision. First part of the workshop focuses on three factors to motivate your employees: autonomy, mastery, and purpose. The second part focuses on getting on board with your vision by making sure your employees understand how it fits into the big picture.

Process Improvement

This session focuses on understanding the basics of process improvement; background on continuous improvements, introduction of various frameworks, and a basis for understanding which framework to apply based on your organization’s culture.

Performance Improvement

Using the Hersey-Blanchard Situational Leadership Model as a basis, this session is specifically for people managers and focuses on optimizing performance through a structured approach that evaluates the skill and will of employees to move them toward high performance.

Strategic Communications

This session provides practical experience in strategic planning and managing internal and external communications. Important topics covered are identifying the audience, crafting the message, and determining the best communication channels.

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