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Teacher Career Ladder Program

The objective of the Teacher Career Ladder program is to provide coursework, support, and coaching for prospective educators to acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to meet the requirements of Nebraska Teacher Certification. The program does not require an undergraduate degree, however, students must have completed a majority of the prerequisite courses and 40 credit hours with a C grade or above (100 level courses or above).

Midland’s objectives include providing a program that meets and exceeds the expectations of the Nebraska Department of Education’s INTASC standards and Midland’s teacher education program ideals and goals. Midland’s program commits to learning and learner-centered experiences and provides opportunities for teacher candidates to collaborate, attend integrated, year-long courses with an urban emphasis, and have performance-based assessments.

Program Design

The program consists of three separate block courses (an advising block, core block, and methods block) plus two summers’ worth of courses. This is a conceptual model of the program, and courses may be reorganized once we have had planning sessions with Midland faculty and the program facilitator. The outcome will be the same, even with reorganization.  

Advising Block

Once candidates are selected, they will move into an Advising Block where they will meet with a Midland representative to determine their needs for general education coursework. Students who come into the program must meet our general education requirement of 40 college credits in the following curriculum areas:

40 Credit Hours Required at 100 Level or Above
Language Arts (ex. English, speech, communication)9 hours
Math3 hours
Natural Science (ex. biology, physics, chemistry, and must include lab component)4 hours
Social Science (ex. psychology, anthropology, sociology, history)6 hours
Fine Arts/Humanities
* Minnesota Humanities Professional
Development would be accepted
3 hours
Health & Wellness (ex. nutrition, health, physical education)2 hours

Candidates will continue in the Advising Block until the majority of requirements are met. The length of time a candidate spends in the Advising Block may vary, but Midland will advise the student for the duration. This includes resources and support (i.e. tutoring sessions and online practice) for passing the Praxis Exam.

Core Block

Candidates who complete the Advising Block will begin to take Midland courses following the hours described below.

After passing the Praxis Elementary Education Exam, para educators graduating from this program will be eligible for a Nebraska Teaching Certificate with an Elementary K-8 endorsement and either an English as a Second Language, Early Childhood, or Special Education endorsement.

Click on the boxes below to see the curriculum overview for each content area for the Teacher Career Ladder program.

Student Teaching

All candidates must complete student teaching in their final spring semester, which is a full-time day time commitment and won’t be conducive with a full-time job for that semester. 

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