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Center for Graduate and Professional Studies

Students at Midland University can pay their bill via the Student Portal found under tools on To begin the payment process, students will need to log into their my.midlandu account and complete the following steps:

Payment Process

Step #1: Go to your Student Portal.

To access the Student Portal you will need to log into your account. Once, you’ve logged into your account you will need to click on “Tools.”

Go to the “Student” tab and click “Student Portal.”

Step #2: View your statement.

Once you’re inside the student portal go to, “My Finances.” Then, click “Statement of Account,” to view your statement. 

Step #3: If you have a balance, please make a payment.

To make a payment click, ‘Manage My Account’ found on the main page. From there, you’ll want to use the “Statement of Account” information above to ensure you’re paying the correct amount, or if you have a payment plan setup, please follow the conditions you made with your advisor.

If your balance does not look as you expect, please contact Student Billing at, or contact your advisor.

If your balance is not in good standing by the beginning of term, you will not be registered in classes. Please, note: Statements are generally available 30 days before the beginning of each term. 

Waiting on Financial Aid?

If you need to visit the Student Portal to accept your financial aid award, including any Midland scholarships, go to and log in. Then, follow the steps listed below:

  • Go to “Tools.” Click on the “Student” tab.
  • Click on “My Financial Aid,” then click on “Award Letter.”
  • Click on the box under “accept/reject” to accept the award.
  • Click on “Accept all awards.”

If you have already accepted your financial aid award, please contact your advisor for next steps.

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