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Thanks to our corporate partners, we are able to connect our students to organizations that are in their community.

Types of Partnerships


In partnership with our corporate partners, Midland University is able to connect students to businesses and organizations across the Greater Omaha area. Students who are employed by one of our corporate partners qualify for unique scholarships and other funding options.

Capstone Consulting

As a capstone consulting partner, companies have access to our soon-to-be MBA graduates who will work with these organizations as consultants to solve real-life business problems. Not only does this benefit our partners, but it is also a great way for our students in the MBA program to get their foot in the door of a local business or organization.


Our educational partnerships connect school districts with various educational programs that can help their teachers and paraprofessionals in the classroom to reach a higher standard of teaching. Through partnership with our Walker School of Education, schools throughout Nebraska can bring a Master of Education degree, graduate endorsements, National Board Certification Preparation, and a Teacher Career Ladder program to their districts!

Community Colleges & Universities

To help support transfer students during their journey, Midland University is proud to have partnerships that align academic programs and certain degrees with other institutions across the Midwest.

What Does it Mean to Be a Partner?

With a partnership at Midland University, partners’ employees know that their company is invested in their professional growth and development. A partnership with us means organizations can upskill and train their employees in a specific area of interest with the help of our experienced faculty who are all experts in their fields.  Organizations may also take advantage of our Lunch and Learn workshops that we bring to you that cover relevant topics across all industries. Our partners have access to resources, such as student recruiting and engagement, research collaboration through our MBA Business Consulting Capstone course, graduate and professional development, and specialised scholarships for their employees to continue their education.

How We Serve Our Community

Midland University is excited to partner with organizations in the Omaha metropolitan area and Lincoln, to bring our quality education to your employees. Through our carefully curated partnerships, Midland University offers you the opportunity to take advantage of our real-world faculty and their years of expertise in the field of marketing, communications, leadership and more, by hosting educational workshops and Lunch and Learns. 

As part of our Corporate Partnership program, Midland University is committed to providing opportunities to your employees to join our programs through an exclusive scholarship reserved for Corporate partners only. As part of our continued support of our community, Midland University continues to advocate for quality education by sponsoring affinity groups within your organization.

Working with company leaders, we develop specific strategies on helping them reach talent through our selection of graduating students. Organizations hiring Midland’s students are able to save money on recruiting efforts, because they know they are getting top talent from Midland. 

Value of Partnerships

  1. Increases employee retention.
  2. Employees learn from industry leaders.
  3. Attend Lunch and Learn events covering hot topics across all industries.
  4. Engage with others at our young professional sponsor meetings.
  5. Visit our career development workshops run by our real-world faculty.
  6. Take advantage of our marketing communication tools and promotions.
  7. Use our hiring benefits to find your next employee.
  8. Learn more about special employee scholarships.

Please note: Specific program partnerships may qualify for additional benefits.

Our Program Partners

Midland University’s Center for Graduate and Professional Studies has partnerships available across all of our programs. To view partners for specific programs, please visit our programs listed below.

Why Midland University?

“Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Nebraska is committed to helping employees continue growing throughout their careers – providing unique learning opportunities and removing financial barriers to education. We’re proud to offer access to Midland University’s MBA program.”

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Nebraska,
Corporate MBA Partner 

“The partnership with Midland has provided a great opportunity for many of our employees to meet their personal and professional goals. Midland has taken the time to make it easy for employers to best help their employees.”

First National Bank of Omaha,
Corporate MBA Partner

Partnership FAQs

What is the Cost of a Partnership?

Our partnership doesn’t cost you anything. As a mutually beneficial program, we benefit from our partnerships by being able to promote our university. Our partners benefit from exclusive access to our students and our promotion of their business.

Why is it Important to Be a Partner?

Midland University’s mission is to inspire people to learn and lead in the world with purpose. We are here to support our community as an educational institution with our experienced faculty and allow the community to take advantage of the expertise we are able to provide.

How Does Being a Partner Better Your Community?

Mutually beneficial partnerships between businesses and universities are important to foster community leaders with the support of their employers and access to quality education. Midland provides business professionals an opportunity to invest in their employees by providing access to partner-specific scholarships and an opportunity to continue their education.

What is the Difference Between Being a Corporate Partner and Capstone Partner?

Corporate partners are organizations who develop a relationship with the Center for Graduate and Professional Studies. If you’re interested in partnering with one of our programs please email and a member of our team will contact you shortly.

A Business Consulting Capstone partner is an organization that would like to have a real-world problem solved by our MBA students. If you’d like to partner with Midland’s MBA capstone experience please contact Andrew Sherwood, director of Midland University’s MBA and instructor for the capstone experience at

Ready to Become a Partner?

Please, fill out a form and our team will provide you with more information on program partnerships and current benefits packages.

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